If nothing could hold you back what would your future look like?  



One of the main reasons that people don't achieve their goals and reach their full potential is negative self talk and fear.  We often call it a lack of confidence, just as you are about to step out of your comfort zone an intrusive thought pops into your head, "I can't do it", "I'll embarrass myself"' "I failed last time".  We then feel like we aren't reaching our full potential and this can create procrastination, feelings of failure, anxiety and stress.

The thoughts alone are not the problem, the problem is that we get hooked by them and struggle to separate ourselves from these beliefs.  This stifles our progress and limits our life experiences.

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I use techniques based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to help you develop the skills and tools to unhook from these unwanted thoughts and respond to them more effectively.  I will help you to clarify and set value based goals so you can start to take committed action towards a more meaningful life.  

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Coaching for people who are recovering from OCD and anxiety

"I am enjoying my life more as I feel more confident and I am finally able to do the things that I want to do. I have the tools and the positive attitude to carry on with the changes I have put in place.  I know that everything I am doing is because I want to do it and it is going to improve my life and my family's life in some way.  All the old limiting beliefs are going and I am looking forward to the future, I cannot thank Joanne enough."

Andy Freeman, Director of FUNtastic.


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