Career Coaching

Love what you do

What do you tell people you do?  What would you like to tell them?  How much do you love your work?

We spend most of our life working, often we see more of our colleagues than our family, so why are so many of us stuck in a position we don't want to be in?


Maybe you want to go for a promotion, negiotate a new salary, change your working conditions or create a better relationship with your colleagues.

Inspired Businesswoman

I can help you gain confidence and resilience to be able to raise these issues at work.  Through coaching you will be able to claifiy and verbalise the changes you want, resulting in job satisfaction and feeling valued within your workplace. 


Or maybe you are not sure what you want to do next?


I can help you identify your values to determine what factors are important to you in the world of work.  You will consider your options and clarify what sort of role would suit you that will be in keeping with your values so you can progress forward feeling happy with your chosen path.  You will set clear goals and actions which will focus your attention on where you want to be and how you are going to get there. You will leave sessions feeling motivated to take action spurring you on towards success.

So what's your dream job?


Outcomes see by previous clients:

  • New career, job or promotion.

  • Higher salary.

  • New focus and direction.

  • Better working conditions.

  • A return to training or education.

  • Breaking down overwhelming goals into clear, manageable steps.

  • A boost in motivation, reviving the passion for difficult goals. 

  • Improved relationships with colleagues.