Decision Coaching

Your Move....

Do you have a decision to make but continue to procrastinate over the outcomes and can never seem to come to a satisfactory conclusion? 


Whether it's changing career, moving house, having a child, ending a relationship or travelling the world, making a life changing decision can be stressful, thought consuming and take up time and energy. 

By helping you gain insight into your values, your current situation will become clearer allowing you to decide what you really want to achieve.


I will assist you in considering the situation from new perspectives therefore developing your possible options.  We will uncover any negative, limiting beliefs that is causing procrastination and preventing you from making your decision. 

Feeling more confident you will be able to choose whether to take action or let it go, stop procrastinating and move on.

Outcomes seen by previous clients:

  • Identifying the values that really matter to them and that may help shape their decision.

  • To see the decision and possible outcomes from other perspectives.

  • Increased confidence to give them the ability to have the courage to make their decision.

  • Creating more possibilities and options to resolving their current dilemina.

  • Identifying limiting beliefs that are holding them back and changing thought patterns to overcome them.

  • Accepting that the future is uncertain and being able to embrace this uncertaincy.

  • Stopping procrastination and moving on.

  • Feeling calmer and more content.