Current available events and workshops:

OCD Awareness Workshop-  22nd November 2019, Manchester.

There are many resources that tell you about OCD.  This interactive workshop is different as it uses visualisation techniques to help participants to actually feel what it's like to have the anxiety associated with intrusive thoughts. The aim of the workshop is to increase awareness of the complexities of OCD and for participants to gain insight and understanding allowing them to relate to people with the disorder.

Other workshops available:

  • Building confidence.

  • Resilience.

  • Choosing the right career path.

  • Coaching skills for management.

  • Coaching skills for customer service.

  • Building rapport with customers.

  • Building rapport and increasing client base for Personal Trainers.

  • Coaching skills to get the best results from your personal training client.

Would you like to arrange a Coaching or OCD awareness event for a group of people?  If so please contact me.


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