How to ban regret and embrace hindsight.

I bet there isn’t a person alive who doesn’t wish they could go back and change something in their life, everyone makes mistakes. It could be your career, a relationship, an argument or a careless word. We often dwell on these regrets which can stifle our progression, increase stress and reduce confidence.

So how can we learn from our mistakes without getting bogged down in regret? I think the word ‘hindsight’ is a powerful tool.

Think about the mistake you made or the regret you have:

- What happened?

- Why did it happen?

- What effect does that regret have on me and others?

- How could I have handled the situation better?

- How would (insert someone’s name who you admire) have dealt with this?

- What can I learn from this?

- What can I do next time to handle the situation better?

- Do I deserve to keep punishing myself over this?

- How will my life improve if I stop stressing about this?

Write the answers down and then slowly destroy the piece of paper, shred or rip it into tiny pieces. Now let the issue go, don’t keep ruminating over the ‘what if…’ and remind yourself how your life will improve without this regret. Whenever your mind drifts back to the subject remind yourself you have dealt with it and picture yourself destroying the paper. Some of the most successful and happiest people are those who can take a knock but get back up, they learn from their mistakes and move on.

We won’t stop making mistakes but we can change how we react to them.

Joanne Forristal.

Dovestone Coaching.

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