Pencil in time for your kids.

When you mention to people that you are going to ‘pencil in the diary' quality time with your kids, they look at you like you’re the cruellest parent on the planet.

“There your kids, you should always have time for them!”

Well yes and no.

We have such busy schedules these days. There is work, housework, shopping, not to mention ‘trying’ to cook from scratch and exercise regularly. Before you know it a whole day has passed and you have fed, dressed and prevented you’re five year old from jumping on the baby, but have you really spent any quality time with your kids? Suddenly pencilling time into your diary doesn’t seem such a bad idea.

Give it a go, whatever time frame works for you. It may twenty minutes here or there, but in that time make it completely about the child. Plan ahead, when is that time going to be? For how long? And what will we do?

Remove any distractions, no phones, no ‘I just have to put a wash on’ or ‘I will be back in a minute after I have loaded the dishwasher’. Some people find it easier to remove themselves from the home environment and play in the garden or go to the park.

You will feel that your time together has been better quality and you are not as ‘cruel’ as you may think!

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